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It’s easy:

  1. Email us: [email protected]
    • Include the job description
    • The salary or the salary range of the role
  2. We analyze the job and will get back to you with an official offer!

A specialized service for information security !

  1. We’ll ask you some questions and create an attractive offer
  2. We will publicized the offer to our network (reach of 10 000 people in information security in the country)
  3. Our computer security experts will analyze and filter received resumé
  4. Possible to offer a CTF for technical role (fees apply)
  5. We’ll transmit the best candidates
  6. For the best price on the market

Job searchers/candidates

  1. Browse the offers
  2. Send us your resume and motivation letter
  3. ALWAYS get a reply, may it be positive or negative!


Limited number of job offers

  • We limit the number of jobs listed on our website
  • Most offers are reviewed manually!

Computer security specialization

Hiring computer security resources is a task that’s more complex than it is in other more popular/known domains.

Therefore, we’re proud to offer you a specialized recruitment service with the objective of finding you the right employee(s) for any of your information security roles such as:

  • Security engineer
  • Security analyst
  • Security architect
  • Intrusion tester / pentester / Penetration tester
  • Malicious software researcher / malware analyst / malware researcher
  • IT security director
  • SoC Analyst / Blue team
  • Red Team Operator / Red Teamer
  • CISO
  • etc.