Android Platform Engineer

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Chez Copperhead, les ingénieurs de sécurité Android sont chargés de gérer la sécurisation, la configuration, la construction, la compilation et les tests de la pile Android complète - du noyau à la couche d’application!

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Tâches importantes

  1. Development from Kernel to application layer in Java, C, C++ and some ASM
  2. Understand Android security and user-space hardening

Pourquoi soumettre votre candidature?

  1. Copperhead are looking for team player who wants to stay on top of the latest mobile threats
  2. You want to take part in securing the Android by securing and mainting Copperhead’s secure Android OS
  3. Hackers with or without official education requirements

À qui ce rôle ne convient-il pas?

  1. Senior and advance people - this is an entry level role